21 Day Fix Results: Before and After

21 Day Fix Results - Before and After

About two months ago, I embarked on a new fitness journey as a Beachbody Coach. I hosted my first challenge group and participated in my first Beachbody Challenge! Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, my group and I completed 21 Day Fix!

I was grateful to have gotten in better shape and taken off a few pounds before the holidays. I was so proud of the 3 ladies in my accountability group as they crushed cravings, gained energy, quit mindless snacking, and collectively lost over 30 pounds! Needless to say, my first group was a success and I discovered a love for helping people get fit!

Because this was my first time through the program, I want to share my journey and my results! At first, I felt a little skeptical, thinking this was most likely too good to be true. But, when I finally started seeing changes in my post baby body, I realized that this was the real deal!

Alright! Here are my results!

Before and After - 21 Day Fix

21 Day Fix results

Before and After weight loss journey - 21 Day Fix

Weight Loss - 5 pounds in 21 Days - Lose weight

I ended up losing 5 pounds and countless inches (I’ll be honest, Ryan and I kind of messed up the measuring side of things so I don’t have specific numbers). In the first week, I was a few pounds away from a lower calorie level but I stayed in the higher column. I worked my butt off that week but didn’t lose a pound, so I decided to drop down a calorie column. This made all the difference! I lost 3 pounds in the second week and 2 pounds in the third! Even after the group ended, I lost another pound! My jeans became lose and my new clothes actually got baggy!

I truly love this program! It helped me reach my marriage weight! But more than that, I have never felt this confident in my own skin before. I finally don’t dread going through my closet looking for something that fits. I don’t get exhausted playing with my kids, I am starting to see muscle definition, and I am the healthiest I have ever been! All in all, it was a great first round of 21 Day Fix!

Have you been thinking about getting in the best shape of your life? Do you need some accountability to reach your goals? Join my next challenge group and become the healthiest version of you in 2016!

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  1. Don’t forget that when you add muscle you may not drop pounds but that’s OK. You look amazing! The changes are noticeable! Great job!

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