3 Must Haves for a Fabulous Whole 30

Whole 30 Must Haves

Have you thought about doing a Whole 30? If you are anything like, well, most people, you are probably thinking that there is no possible way you can make it through! I remember thinking, “How can I ever live without cheese?” and don’t even get me started with my thoughts about chocolate!

Honestly, I was scared that I wasn’t going to succeed. Ya know what? There were some really tough days. I had countless moments in the grocery store that I longed for the pop tarts on the shelf or felt completely hungry and deprived during movie night. Even though I was a regular water drinker, I was quickly sick of water…within days of starting Whole 30.

About halfway through my struggle with Whole 30, I found 3 products that changed my entire experience. I solved my need for a break from water and found quick snacks for those special on-the-go occasions. Here are 3 Whole 30 compliant foods for, not just surviving, but absolutely loving your Whole 30!

  1. Almond Butter – This was a win for me on those nights I needed to be filled up with a quick snack. I sliced an apple or grabbed a banana and spread some almond butter on top. It tasted great and filled me up quickly. Plus, for all you peanut butter lovers, this is the perfect substitution! Just remember to check your labels for added sugar. See, you don’t have to feel deprived on Whole 30!

Whole 30 approved - Almond Butter

  1. Larabars – If you are an on-the-go type of person, you may be hard-pressed to find a solution to fit your needs on Whole 30. Well, here it is! The larabar is convenient, healthy, and most of them are Whole 30 compliant! (Once again, read your labels!) Larabars are probably the simplest, healthy snack you can find. There are no crazy ingredients and they are minimally processed. Larabars are simply filled with unsweetened fruit, nuts, and spices. A quick, healthy way to tide you over before lunch or toss in your purse for a snack on the run.

Whole 30 approved snacks - Larabars

  1. LaCroix Sparkling Water – Are you struggling with the idea of giving up soda or your “special beverage” of choice? Even if you are a firm water drinker, every once in a while it’s nice to have something a little more special. For me, LaCroix Sparkling Water did the trick! There are no sugars or artificial ingredients and it is 100% Whole 30 compliant! Just another simple way to make your Whole 30 that much better!
Whole 30 compliant drinks - LaCroix


I sure hope this helps you on your Whole 30 journey. It can be frustrating when it seems as if there is nothing you can eat, but there are always some incredible options out there. You just have to search a little harder! Keep it up, fellow Whole 30er!

Have you found some other Whole 30 compliant options? I would love to hear them!

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