A Letter to Whole 30 on Our Last Day Together

Alyssa - Whole 30 - Sweetly Tattered

Dear Whole 30,

Well, today is our last day together. The realization of that feels so strange. I never expected to feel this way, but I feel as if I am losing a very dear friend.

At first, I was excited about you. But then you made me feel terrible. I wanted to cheat on you at times and eat chocolate and cheese. But I knew, deep down, that you were the best thing for me. So, I trusted you and followed you. Even on days that I didn’t enjoy what we were eating or struggled to find compliant food on our road trip, I persevered.

Whole 30 - Steak Salad

Whole 30, we have made it through some tough days together, but now, I feel a little lost as I recognize that it is our last day together.

You have meant so much to me and have been there for me for 30 straight days. When I felt obligated to eat something, I mentioned you and you saved me from that situation. When there was junk food calling my name on hard days, you protected me from consuming any of it.

Toddlers helping in the kitchen

Whole 30 with kids

You saved us lots of money because, thanks to you, we weren’t able to eat out when we had “nothing to eat” at home. We always worked through it and ended up having a great meal with what we had. You took away my nasty sugar cravings, made me a more creative, better cook, and gave me the confidence I haven’t felt in years.

You didn’t let me weigh myself. About half-way through, that’s all I wanted to do. But you protected me from possibly feeling discouraged with lack of weight loss. Instead, you made me focus on the non-scale victories, like my defeat of the sugar dragon. You taught me that this health journey of mine is so much more than a number on the scale. You brought me freedom from a terrible relationship with the scale and taught me that it does not define my health or success.

Whole 30 - Apple Tree

In the end, the biggest thing you did for me was something I never thought could be done. You redefined my relationship with food, a relationship I never knew was so destructive. You taught me that I don’t need my “comfort foods” to encourage me. You opened my eyes to the truth that most of what I eat is filled with added sugars that I never knew were there. Even when I dreamt about eating a donut, you were there in the morning to remind me of the real food I need to be daily filling me body with.

Whole 30 Meal Prep

Whole 30 - Sweetly Tattered

So thank you, Whole 30, for helping me defeat my sugar dragon, showing me that I can cook healthy, delicious meals for my family, and for making my jeans so loose! You have become so dear to me…I just don’t want to say goodbye quite yet.

Because of all that you have done for my family and me, we decided that we want you to stay. We may not follow you to a T like we have for 30 days, but we want you to be the guideline for how we choose to live our lives. We will continue eating foods with very few ingredients, read our labels for hidden sugars, and eat real food every day. If we ever feel out of control again, we will run back to you with open arms and reboot. Because our lives are worth it and you have meant so much to us.

Whole 30 breakfast

Thank you, Whole 30, for this wonderful, 30 day journey. We will forever be grateful.

Love always, Alyssa

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