A Little Bit of Life Lately: Crazy Cousins


This weekend was an eventful one! Ryan is now officially “installed” as the Lead Pastor at Grace Baptist Church! I had never been to one of these services so I didn’t know what to expect. But it ended up being a sweet time with family, friends, and lots of people that really care about us. It is crazy how much love we feel on days like Sunday. God knew what He was doing when He made it clear that Christians should be together, fellowshipping, and building each other up in love.




An extra special blessing this weekend was the presence of some of our family! Ryan’s dad, sister, and her family drove down for the weekend. My kids absolutely loved spending time with their cousins, aunt, uncle, and Poppa! We felt so loved that they came down for the service even though we are seeing them in 2 weeks for Thanksgiving! It certainly makes a big difference being so close to family again and we are so thankful for these sweet times we get to have with them.






I love being able to document these precious pictures and memories here on Sweetly Tattered. It is going to be so sweet to look back and see how much these crazy kids have grown! And I am so thankful that our family came for the weekend to give my kids some time with their cousins. I love how much they love each other even when they don’t see each other very often. Now, I’m even more excited for Thanksgiving!

P.S There is still time to join my 21 Day Challenge!