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I’m Alyssa, the author of this little space of the Internet. I started this blog at a time in my life where I felt a lack of passion for anything (other than my family, of course) and desired to figure out what I love to do (other than be a mom, of course!). It was almost immediately that I discovered that I have a passion for blogging! I started getting excited to take pictures and learn how to take them better. I remembered my love for writing and started documenting our lives…the little things and the big things. I can’t explain how special this little blog has become to me!

Willow Trees

I’m married to Ryan, the guy who stole my heart in the summer of 2010. After a year and a half of grueling long distance, we got engaged and were married 3 weeks later! I still feel giddy thinking about our wedding day and how much we have grown to love each other since. He is the best friend I have ever had.

8 week old

2 year old - Sweetly Tattered

After 7 months of marriage, I discovered that I was pregnant! In May, 2013, we brought a beautiful, independent girl into the world. Her name is Myra. She may be a ball of energy, but she has the sweetest heart of anyone I have ever known. After growing up with 4 brothers, I was shocked and thankful that God gave me a little girl!

8 week old

8 month old

When Myra was 10 months old, we discovered we were pregnant again! So, in December of 2014, we brought another beautiful girl into the world. Vivian stole our hearts before we even laid eyes on her. Like her sister, she is an independent, active little girl. The squirmiest!

Toddler and Baby

Toddler and Baby

It has been such a joy to watch the love these girls have for each other unfold throughout this year. They are such good friends already!

Daddy and daughters - Sweetly Tattered

As for their dad…well, he is the best dad in the world! I never knew I could love 3 human beings this much!

Alyssa - Sweetly Tattered

Chocolate Lab

We have a Chocolate Lab named Roxie. I’m pretty sure her daily goal is to steal food and be one step in front of me at all times. But, my girls love her so much! So, I’m happy that she is in their lives!

Payson, AZ - Mogollon Rim

We lived in Ohio for almost 3 years when we packed up and moved to Arizona! After a year of adventures, hiking, and falling in love with that stunning part of the country, God decided to move us back. Now, we live in a little lake town in Ohio where my husband is a lead pastor. We are amazed that God allowed two young goofballs to have such amazing opportunity but we are excited for this next incredible part of our journey. Life really is one adventure after another!

Hike Arizona

Grand Canyon

Thank you for reading! It means so much to me that you are here.

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