On 4 Years of Marriage

Small Wedding

On January 20th, Ryan and I hit the 4 year mark of marriage. Even though this isn’t one of the big anniversaries, it feels pretty big to me! I can remember, as a kid, hearing of people celebrating 3 years of marriage. My juvenile mind thought that was the longest time! It felt like it would take forever for that to be me!

Well, now that we’ve passed the big 3 (and let me tell you, that went a whole lot faster than I thought it would!) and made it all the way to 4 (young me is like “whooaa”), I can honestly say marriage was much different than I imagined it would be. Read more

21 Day Fix Results: Before and After

21 Day Fix Results - Before and After

About two months ago, I embarked on a new fitness journey as a Beachbody Coach. I hosted my first challenge group and participated in my first Beachbody Challenge! Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, my group and I completed 21 Day Fix!

I was grateful to have gotten in better shape and taken off a few pounds before the holidays. I was so proud of the 3 ladies in my accountability group as they crushed cravings, gained energy, quit mindless snacking, and collectively lost over 30 pounds! Needless to say, my first group was a success and I discovered a love for helping people get fit! Read more

Fitness is not a Destination

Fitness is not a destination

The first time I had a lot of weight to lose, after Myra was born, I worked really hard. I worked out 4-6 times a week, denied myself sweets for about 2 months, and counted calories like a crazy lady. Even though this isn’t my favorite way of losing weight, I had a lot to lose! So, I knew I had to get serious. The hard work paid off as I lost around 50 pounds in 2 months.

By the end of those 2 months, I had gotten within 8 pounds of my goal weight and discovered that I was pregnant. I was thankful to have been so successful with losing weight and we were thrilled that another little one was on the way!

The problem, however, was that I had reached my destination…so I was done. Read more

Vivian’s Birth Story

Newborn - Birth Story

When I first started Sweetly Tattered, Vivian was 3 months old and I was looking for a way to let out my creative passions. A few days later, this little space was born. At the time, I saw lots of other bloggers documenting their newborn’s entrance into the world. I so badly wanted to join in, since this had become my online journal of sorts. I decided, instead of some random thoughts about Vivian at a random time, I would share on her birthday.

Well, that didn’t quite happen either. I have been nurturing a needy, sick birthday girl so I’ve been a little detained…and tired. But here I am, still in her birthday week, sharing about this one crazy day (a little over) a year ago when one of the brightest lights, biggest smiles, sweetest hearts entered the world. Read more

Vivian’s First Birthday Party – Winter ONEderland

First Birthday Cake Smash

Vivian will be one this Wednesday! Wait, what?! Did I say that right? Yep! ONE!

I can’t even believe how fast this year went! It feels like it was just yesterday that I was walking around with a massive tummy hoping she would arrive early. Finally, 3 days overdo, she made her grand entrance! And, let me tell you, it was grand! I will share more about her birth story this week because it is a good one!

Since her actual birthday is in the middle of the week and so close to Christmas, we decided to celebrate a little early! On Saturday, when the weather was in the 60s, we made our very own Winter ONEderland in our home to celebrate our sweet, winter one year old! Even though it didn’t feel much like winter, it was so much fun hanging snowflakes and filling up on homemade hot chocolate. Yum!

I am not much of a decorator but I was thrilled with how this party turned out! I found some ideas on Pinterest and then made them my own. Here are some photos of Vivian’s special day! Read more

This is My Journey

Fitness Journey - Sweetly Tattered

When it comes to sharing about my fitness journey, I find myself feeling embarrassed and, often, ashamed. I see so many women having babies and looking perfectly thin mere weeks later. I feel as if everyone else in the world doesn’t have to diet, exercise, and actually try…just me.

Even though this is simply the way my body works and I am not actually the one woman in the world to experience this (shocker, right?), I find myself feeling embarrassed…embarrassed that I didn’t start trying early enough, that I didn’t reach pre-baby weight until almost a year later, or that I ended up gaining weight after having a baby. Instead of feeling proud of doing something about it, even if it took a little longer than someone else, I find myself feeling ashamed.

But then I realize, this is my journey.  It doesn’t matter how fast she lost weight or how long it took. This is about me. This is my time line. I don’t have to measure up to anyone else or compare statistics. This is my journey. The fact that I am doing something about it, no matter how long it took, is an incredible thing! It is never too late to start making changes. Today is always the best day to start. Read more

Hey Momma Monday

Hey Momma Monday - Sweetly Tattered

Hey mommas! I am going to share something that has been on my heart for a while about taking care of ourselves as moms.  If you are not a mom, maybe a young woman or husband or grandparent, this is still worth the read! I’m certain you will find ways to encourage moms to get the time to care for themselves that they need (and deserve!).

As a mom, I spend almost all of my time focused on and caring for someone other than me. I can picture all the moms nodding in agreeance. I’m sure you are thinking of all the things we do – preparing lunch, washing dishes, changing poopy diapers. The list goes on! Read more

Thanksgiving Traditions

Holiday Table

I absolutely love the holidays. Particularly, Thanksgiving and Christmas (well, duh!). Every few years, my birthday lands on Thanksgiving so, naturally, Thanksgiving was always my favorite. Now, it’s a toss up. I love the building excitement for Christmas before Thanksgiving and the freedom to finally let loose the day after! I haven’t decorated yet, even though lots of people have, but I am not-so-secretly listening to Christmas music already. Hey, when it starts playing on the radio, I’m good to go! And thankfully it starts right at the beginning of November here!

One thing I love about holidays are the yearly traditions. You would think they would feel old or boring as the years went on. Instead, the anticipation builds each year to finally get to do the festive things we love so much! I also love making new traditions each year with my family! Read more

The Healthiest Meal of the Day – Shakeology

Shakeology benefits

As you may know, I recently became a Beachbody coach. This journey has just begun but I am so excited to start helping people reach their goals and live healthy lives! By the way, I am still looking for people to join my December challenge group where we will get fit by Christmas through the 21 Day Fix and Shakeology! Let me know if you want to join!

Have you ever had a time where you have experienced something so awesome that you just had to share it with the world? That’s how I feel about Shakeology! So, today, I am going to tell you all about it because I am so pumped for it! Read more