Capturing the Details

Nikon D3200

I am not a photographer and I really have no idea what I am doing when I take pictures! Thankfully, with a good camera, you don’t have to be a professional to get nice looking photos. Someday, I would love to take a photography class (like this one) and learn a few techniques (like this photoshop ecourse), but for now, I am having a blast snapping away with my Nikon D3200. You would never believe that, before my husband bought this camera for me a year ago, we were taking pictures on our iPod! Yikes! I look back at those grainy, horrible looking pictures and cringe. I am so thankful to have a DSLR camera in my life!

When Myra was first born, I still didn’t have a nice camera, so I missed a lot of the little baby details. I kept trying to take a picture of her tiny palms or her little button nose. The pictures from the iPod just aren’t able to capture it. With my camera, though, I get some great shots!

dslr camera



I love pictures of the whole scene, but there is something about the photos of the details. Especially with babies…the lips, little fingers, tiny toes, pudgy cheeks. I decided to try to capture these small features of Vivian that, I know, won’t be that small for long.

Nikon D3200

Nikon D3200

Nikon D3200

Nikon D3200

Nikon D3200









This may seem gross to you, but I love that I captured the remnants of baby food on her nose! I just can’t seem to keep these kids clean!





If I could get Myra to sit still long enough, I would capture close ups of her, too. I guess I will just have to wait until a mellow day. For now, I’m leaving my camera on the action setting. I just snap a bunch of pictures in a row so I’m bound to get one that’s not blurry! For now, this is the only detail shot I got of Myra…she really didn’t want her picture taken!


If you enjoy taking pictures, try to get some detail shots. My favorites are little baby features, but I also love close ups of things in nature. If you don’t have a nice camera, you should look into the Nikon D3200. I researched lots of different cameras before I purchased mine. I have heard great things about Canon (which I hope to get one day) but, with higher quality cameras, Nikon was a better deal for the price. It is simple to use for those of us (me) who don’t understand DSLR cameras and I am always happy with the way my pictures turn out!

These are just my opinions, so do your research! But if you want to get some high quality photos of your kids, pets, or surroundings, then you should really consider getting a high quality camera! Especially for all you bloggers! Great photos make a big difference!

I will be trying out my detail taking skills this week while we are in California! We got here yesterday and spent the evening swimming and walking around Downtown Disney. Today, we are off to the beach and tomorrow we are going to Disneyland! I will tell you all about it later, but, for now, I’m going to enjoy the blue skies, palm trees, and special moments with family and friends.

palm trees

What camera do you use to capture the details of life?

P.S. A few more details here and there