Vivian’s Birth Story

Newborn - Birth Story

When I first started Sweetly Tattered, Vivian was 3 months old and I was looking for a way to let out my creative passions. A few days later, this little space was born. At the time, I saw lots of other bloggers documenting their newborn’s entrance into the world. I so badly wanted to join in, since this had become my online journal of sorts. I decided, instead of some random thoughts about Vivian at a random time, I would share on her birthday.

Well, that didn’t quite happen either. I have been nurturing a needy, sick birthday girl so I’ve been a little detained…and tired. But here I am, still in her birthday week, sharing about this one crazy day (a little over) a year ago when one of the brightest lights, biggest smiles, sweetest hearts entered the world. Read more

Hey Momma Monday

Hey Momma Monday - Sweetly Tattered

Hey mommas! I am going to share something that has been on my heart for a while about taking care of ourselves as moms.  If you are not a mom, maybe a young woman or husband or grandparent, this is still worth the read! I’m certain you will find ways to encourage moms to get the time to care for themselves that they need (and deserve!).

As a mom, I spend almost all of my time focused on and caring for someone other than me. I can picture all the moms nodding in agreeance. I’m sure you are thinking of all the things we do – preparing lunch, washing dishes, changing poopy diapers. The list goes on! Read more

It’s the Little Things: Apple Picking

Apple Picking - Sweetly Tattered

We have the cutest, little apple tree in our front yard. Juicy, delicious apples hang from the branches. From the first day we arrived, Myra has been thrilled about her apple tree! Not only is it just her size, but she can also see it out the window when she sits at the dining room table. On a daily basis, she asks if we can see the apples. At first, we went out a few times when snack time rolled around, but then I kind of forgot about it. So today, when Myra announced that she wanted to pick apples, I figured it would be a fun treat for the two of us. We put Vivian down for a nap, put on our coats, grabbed a basket, and went apple picking in our very own front yard. I loved every excited expression as she reached for the apples. She learned quickly which ones were yucky and not good to eat. We even saw a ladybug! Needless to say, it was a sweet, simple time together. Here are some more pictures of our little apple picking adventure. It’s the little things, right? Read more

The Many Adventures of Myra and Vivian

Sweetly Tattered

Myra was building towers out of blocks. When the tower fell over, she would say “Uh-oh!” When I said “It’s okay” she answered back “Try again!” I told her she had a great attitude about the situation. She just kept saying “Try, try again.” When I asked her where she got that from she said “Daniel Tiger.” Thanks Daniel Tiger for, once again, teaching my daughter some great life lessons! Read more

Hey Momma Monday

Hiking with babies

Hey Momma! It’s Monday! If you are like most people, this doesn’t excite you one bit. You might already be dreaming about the weekend and thinking about how in the world you are ever going to make it to Friday! I feel ya, girl!

As moms, there are tons of expectations we place on ourselves. Gotta get the dishes done, laundry folded, floors swept. The list is constantly endless. I don’t know about you, but I often find myself feeling discouraged when I don’t accomplish as much as I had hoped. Or I beat myself up about not being the have-it-all-together homemaker that I so often see. Read more

5 Breastfeeding Tips to Get off to a Good Start


Even though I have two children, I was only able to successfully breastfeed one (read my breastfeeding journey here). Failing to breastfeed my firstborn was one of the hardest experiences, so I was thankful for another shot!

Before my second daughter was born, I read as much as I could  but only seemed to find the same information everywhere I looked. I was determined not to fail this time so I just hoped that I could figure it out when the time came.

When my daughter was born, I followed my instincts. I listened to advice but, this time, I didn’t follow it all. Even though I had studied up before my first baby was born, I was too insecure to make my own decisions. I knew, deep down, what I was supposed to do but questioned every choice I made. This time around, I acted confidently. Even though I was still afraid to fail, I trusted that I knew how to care for my baby. And ya know what? I am still breastfeeding her today! She actually refuses bottles! I never imagined that! Read more

Keep Your Child’s Suitcase Organized with This Simple Trick

Keep your children's suitcase organized

Wow! I guess this has been the year of traveling for us! We traveled to Devner in March, Pennsylvania in June, Flagstaff in July, California in August, and we just returned from Ohio! I think this is more traveling than we have done in our whole marriage! (That’s 3 ½ years!!!)

I don’t know about you, but I am terrible with living out of a suitcase! It doesn’t matter if it is a week or just 2 days. Somehow, my suitcase becomes a wreck the moment I have to sift through to pick out that first outfit. And now with kids?!? Their perfectly packed piles of clothes become an unfolded clump in minutes. My husband gets frustrated searching for the outfit I specified for him to find and it just ends up being an annoying situation.

Well, that ends now! Read more

Capturing the Details

Nikon D3200

I am not a photographer and I really have no idea what I am doing when I take pictures! Thankfully, with a good camera, you don’t have to be a professional to get nice looking photos. Someday, I would love to take a photography class (like this one) and learn a few techniques (like this photoshop ecourse), but for now, I am having a blast snapping away with my Nikon D3200. You would never believe that, before my husband bought this camera for me a year ago, we were taking pictures on our iPod! Yikes! I look back at those grainy, horrible looking pictures and cringe. I am so thankful to have a DSLR camera in my life!

When Myra was first born, I still didn’t have a nice camera, so I missed a lot of the little baby details. I kept trying to take a picture of her tiny palms or her little button nose. The pictures from the iPod just aren’t able to capture it. With my camera, though, I get some great shots! Read more

10 Tips for Flying Alone with a Toddler and a Baby

Flying alone with a toddler and a baby

Taking trips with young kids is often a challenge. There are so many things to bring and such little space to pack it. We usually pack the bags, cram it all in the car, and get on our way. It seems a whole lot easier than flying. It’s hard to figure out what we really need and what we can live without. I’m always calling around looking for high chairs and pack-n-plays to borrow at our destination. It’s a lighter load but a bit more work beforehand.

With Ryan’s job getting so busy in the summer, we thought about how hard it would be for us to be stuck at home while he worked all day. He doesn’t have a set schedule of days off and I knew that would drive me crazy. So, I mentioned the possibility of me taking the girls to see my family in Pennsylvania.  Two days later, I bought the tickets! Read more

A Date Long Overdue

Mini Golf Date

I don’t know about you, but dates don’t happen very often around here. From the beginning of our marriage, we have lived 4 hours, 7 hours, and now, over 30 hours away from family! Since we are both the type of people who hate asking for help, we just end up taking the kids with us wherever we go. We don’t mind, since we have two pretty cool kids!

We haven’t gone out, alone, since before Vivian was born and I have noticed that we had been needing a date for some time. Is there ever a time in your marriage that you just feel “off”? Do you ever feel like you haven’t really talked without a kid squealing or tugging on your shirt? Have you noticed that all your meals are cold when you get around to eating or you have to stop between bites to pick something up or feed someone else?

These are some of the typical moments of motherhood that I really don’t mind, but I also know it’s nice to have a break once in a while…it’s good for both the mama and the marriage. Read more