Embrace Silence


Have you ever taken a moment to sit in silence?

I mean complete silence…only the sounds of nature around you?

You should try it. Really…try it sometime.

Take out the headphones. Turn off the music. Shut down your computer. Turn off the TV. Don’t even speak. Just sit…just be.


It will probably feel very unnatural and possibly even uncomfortable. You are, most likely, not used to this sensation. Can you even remember a time of stillness and silence?

Go outside. If it is daytime, do you hear the birds chirping? Do you hear cars buzzing by? Do you hear the laughter of children? If it is nighttime, do you hear the crickets? Do you hear the stillness?


Look around. Is it sunny? Are the leaves blowing in the breeze? Are the stars twinkling?


How do you feel? Is it uncomfortable? Does it feel awkward? Do you feel relaxed? Are you calm? Is your stress gone?

I hope you actually take some time out of your day to sit in the stillness of the outdoors. If it works better, you can even sit inside and listen to the humming of the refrigerator. Wherever you choose to be, make sure all technology is far away. Make sure you are not creating the noise…just listen to it. Take deep breaths. Think about how you feel. Pray. Rest. Relax. Enjoy.


If this is something new for you, I hope that you try it and try it again. Try it when you are stressed or overwhelmed. Try it when you are frustrated or annoyed. Simply taking time to sit in the stillness of nature will be such a stress-relieving part of your day. If it feels unnatural, I hope that you will challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone. I hope that you will find joy and rest when you allow yourself to pull away from noise, technology, and the stresses of life.

Don’t drown out the silence. Embrace it.

Have you ever taken time to sit in silence? How did it make you feel?