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Children's Museum of Phoenix - Sweetly Tattered

Myra just turned two! It is insane how fast her life has gone! So many people have told me how quickly my kids would grow up. I never doubted them, but I didn’t realize it was happening until my first born turned two years old! I can hardly believe it!

We decided to celebrate her special day with something fun that we thought she would enjoy. So, we spent the day at the Children’s Museum of Phoenix! We did our research beforehand and discovered that there were a lot of age appropriate things that we figured would be just perfect.



When we arrived, Myra was a bit timid. She pretty much kept to herself the whole time, finding the quiet activities in the corner. After she got over her fear, she made herself right at home! It is interesting that, at this age, she doesn’t care to play with other kids. She seems to be a bit of a loner but I’m pretty sure she will outgrow it at some point. For now, she is more than happy to play with her parents. That is definitely fine with me!








Even though most of the exhibits are geared toward older kids, we were thankful for the few toddler specific rooms. At first, I felt like there needed to be more but, after a while, I realized that Myra was pretty content to stay in one spot. The toddler rooms were so well done that they kept her entertained! We also appreciated the baby corner right in the main 3 and under exhibit. It allowed us to be able to stay together as a family and provide age-appropriate fun for both of the girls!





My favorite room was the mini market! The little shopping carts were adorable and I loved all of the pretend food! It was a blast watching Myra walk around, picking out items to place in her cart. She quietly watched the other kids playing around her. We literally had to bribe her to leave each room because she loved it so much!




It happened to be Sandfest that day so we got to see some pretty cool sand sculptures! There were also a few food trucks that we were ecstatic about! (You may not know this, but Ryan and I love food trucks!) We got our food from this adorable truck called Loca Popa which was Mediterranean style. We grabbed some hummus with veggies and two falafel wraps with tabbouleh. All I can say is YUM! I’m starting to realize how much I enjoy Mediterranean food. And I love that Myra likes it just as much!







We had never been to a children’s museum before, so we hadn’t seen firsthand the benefits for little kids. It ended up being such a cool learning experience for Myra and I’m sure that Vivian learned a few things as well! Here are 6 reasons you should check out a children’s museum near you!

1. Unique experiences – The museum had many different crazy exhibits that my kids would normally never get to experience. Seriously, when are they ever going to be able to run through a forest of pool noodles? Or shop in a mini grocery store? It was neat to see Myra learning through these unique moments.

2. Interaction with other kids – Even though kids interact with each other at the park or church nursery, these interactions are much different. Every kid is learning and experiencing something new and exciting at the same time! I believe they learn from each other as well! Even though Myra pretty much kept to herself, I could tell that she was constantly watching the other children. When kids pushed past her at the slide or simply joined her in a play area, she was learning how to react and communicate.

3. No boundaries – It was refreshing to let Myra roam around, touching anything and everything she wanted! The museum was clearly built with safety in mind. I never had to say “no” because it was all meant for her!

4. Promotes independence – Since the exhibits are geared toward children, I was able to let Myra do her thing. She made sure we were still around, but wanted to figure things out by herself. It was fun to see her learning through independently trying things on her own.

5. Creates a sense of discovery – All of the activities were new and exciting! Even though Myra was timid when she tried new things, she still wanted to discover what she had never discovered before. I believe these experiences create a desire for lifelong learning!

6. Connect as a family – The museum is intended for parents to interact with their children within each exhibit. Whether we were climbing in jungle gyms or digging in the sand, we were able to do it alongside our little girl. We appreciated all of the teaching moments that we had throughout the day!




In the end, it was simply a perfect day. Instead of traditional birthday cake, we stopped at another food truck for some ice cream. It was the best choice for the 100 degree day! We really didn’t mind the heat. It felt nice to escape cool weather for a bit.




Then Myra tried to run away. It was hilarious watching Ryan chase her with his hands full! Myra was cracking up the whole time!




On the way home, the girls fell asleep within minutes. We stopped at the store for some sushi, frozen egg rolls, and a movie from Red Box. It was a relaxing ending to a great day. I’d say Myra had a pretty awesome birthday! We are already looking forward to going back!

Have you ever gone to a children’s museum with your kids? What are some ways that you found it beneficial?

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    1. Yea it was pretty mind blowing! I never realized how much kids could learn while having so much fun! And I think it’s pretty cool for adults too. 🙂

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