Hey Momma Monday

Hiking with babies

Hey Momma! It’s Monday! If you are like most people, this doesn’t excite you one bit. You might already be dreaming about the weekend and thinking about how in the world you are ever going to make it to Friday! I feel ya, girl!

As moms, there are tons of expectations we place on ourselves. Gotta get the dishes done, laundry folded, floors swept. The list is constantly endless. I don’t know about you, but I often find myself feeling discouraged when I don’t accomplish as much as I had hoped. Or I beat myself up about not being the have-it-all-together homemaker that I so often see.

And let me tell you…I am far from it!  Just the other day, I spent the entire day playing with my kids…laughing, snuggling, feeding, cleaning up after, pushing on the swings. Wanna know something? I didn’t clean a single thing. All I did was spend time with my kids.

Time with kids - finger painting

8 month old eating food

I’m sure you sense a bit of sarcasm, but seriously! I purposefully decided to devote every moment of my day to my daughters but still found myself feeling guilty at the end of the day.

But then, I stopped and started to think about some of the moments—when Myra did something silly and we laughed out loud together, or when Vivian figured out how to use her toy for the first time, or their contagious smiles as I pushed them on the swings. I could tell that Myra was happy to have my full attention all day. Not once did she ask to watch a show. Instead, she was content to just be together with her sister and her mom.

Sisters - Toddler and Baby

And that right there is the thing we miss so often – the importance of time with our kids. I am not saying that housework isn’t important and I certainly love when my house is clean! But, sometimes, a perfect house is a sign of missing out on something so very special and important. Time with your kids.

If you work outside the home, I’m sure this can be tough after a long day of work and a house that needs tidying up. But your kids need you to be there…to laugh with them, draw pictures with them, and just be their friend.

If you stay at home, this can be tough to prioritize/schedule your time. Even though there are tons of things to get done, don’t be afraid to take a day to just hang with your kids. Yes, the dirty dishes will still be there but you can do them later. Your kids are only this young once. Don’t miss it.

Spend time with your kids


8 month old girl - Sweetly Tattered

To be honest, I need to get better at the homemaker stuff. I need to figure out a cleaning schedule to keep me motivated and watch less Netflix at night so I can accomplish more! When I figure it out, I’ll let you know!

But, what I have noticed is that there are more than enough “How to be a better homemaker” articles out there. Maybe we need a few more “Let it got for a bit and spend time with your kids” articles. Because, even though you might be a top-notch housewife, it just might be a little more important to be a top-notch mom.

Time with your kids - Sweetly Tattered

So, don’t be afraid to let a few things go for a while. Spend some extra time this week just being there for your kids. You never know how special a few extra moments can be to your children.

Do you have a hard time putting the broom down to spend a little extra time with your kids?

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