It’s the little things – Backyard Picnic


Little kids are pretty easy to get excited about the little things. My daughter Myra is almost two (I can hardly believe it!) and loves every little thing I do with her! If I want to make her day, we simply run around the yard! She loves picking up rocks and sticks. She finds the dandelions to blow on and picks flowers to give me. I am thankful that she is such a lover of the outdoors!





Even Vivian had a great time! I haven’t taken her out very much since it is still a little too chilly. But this day was just perfect. The sun gave warmth to the crisp, cool air.




Whenever I don’t have much food around the house, I like to go on a picnic. It is such a strange sensation but picnics seem to make what little we have taste so great! We usually drive to a cool spot to sit and eat. But, since Ryan was working and Vivian needed a nap, we decided to have our picnic in the backyard!

Myra was almost giddy as I got her lunch ready! We didn’t have much, so I just packed a random assortment of Myra’s favorites. We packed up our picnic basket, grabbed our favorite picnic blanket, and headed outside.



I knew Myra was in love with the whole concept because she just sat still and ate the whole time! Usually she is running around and I am begging her to sit and eat! I loved watching her enjoy all of the random foods I had packed. She reached over, like a little lady, to grab a pickle. She drank so daintily out of her juice box and munched on her cheese. Myra watched as I ate cheese and crackers so she wanted to be just like me. She asked for a cracker, grabbed a piece of cheese, and proceeded to eat the cheese right off the cracker. It was so adorable! She just kept using the same cracker!





After the main course was over, Myra got up to go play until she saw the grapes. We pulled them out and she just sat with the container, opening and closing it, eating a few grapes here and there.




We played a little more outside before we packed everything up. She wanted to be a big girl so she insisted on helping me carry the basket inside.



We had such a great time! Who would have thought we had stayed in such a familiar place! It really seemed so magical and fun just sitting, eating, and chatting with each other. We even had a little funny face session!



It is awesome to do simple, fun things with children! I want to stay consistent with the “little things” so that my kids will know them as the great adventures of life. It didn’t cost me a penny to give Myra such a fun experience! That is something I want to instill in her…enjoying what we have and where we are.

I was so happy when Myra couldn’t stop talking about our “pipic.” Even when she was going to bed, I said that if she slept well, we could play outside again tomorrow. She looked at me with bright eyes and said “Pipic!” So of course I said “Yes! We can definitely go on another picnic!”

It warmed my heart to see my little girl so excited about the little things in life. I hope she never loses that love.

What are some of the “little things” that make your kids happy? Is there a simple activity that you love most?

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