It’s the little things – Family Hike

Payson Arizona

This post is a bit over-do since we went on this hike over a month ago. But, I needed a little reminder of what spring was like since it snowed this past weekend! Talk about a confusing spring! (I don’t have any pictures for proof…I was trying to convince myself it didn’t happen!)

Living in Arizona has been a great adventure for our family! We have begun to discover our love for the outdoors. I always hoped my children would be lovers of nature and, so far, Myra is! She loves to lie on the ground watching bugs crawl by and chase after butterflies. Even though I’m quite fearful of bugs, I am glad that she finds them so amusing!

One of the biggest attractions in our area is hiking. Coming from the flat lands of Ohio, we were surprised by all of the trails nearby and how many people drove hours just to hike them! We were never big hikers, but we try to enjoy the unique aspects of each place we live. So, we decided to give hiking a try!


Tonto National Forest


Baby Bjorn

Our first few hikes were difficult because we didn’t have any hiking gear for Myra, so we ended up just carrying her the whole way. Finally, when we realized how much we loved it, we splurged and got a Poco Plus Osprey carrier. This has been the reason we have gone hiking at all! When we first tried it out in the store, Myra was terrified. Now, she gets so excited to go for a “ride!” Thankfully, we already had our Baby Bjorn carrier for Vivian so we are able to go hiking as a whole family!




Baby Bjorn Carrier Original

There are tons of hiking trails near our home because we live in Tonto National Forest. We aren’t able to go on longer hikes quite yet because of the girls. Even though Myra loves it, she gets bored after a while and Vivian gets a little restless. We managed a 3 mile hike once but had to rush back to feed Vivian. This time, we wanted to be able to take our time so we brought a blanket and packed a picnic lunch!

After we hiked for a little while, we found a nice, flat spot near the creek. Myra was too excited to eat. All she wanted to do was throw rocks in the creek (she got that from her daddy), so we just ended up sitting by the water while I fed Vivian. That is the beauty of picnics…it’s not really about what you eat. It’s just about being in nature. I’ve said it before, but food always seems to taste better on picnics!









Breastfeeding Confidence



I’m excited for the day when the girls get to hike alongside us, but I am glad that we have opportunities to go while they are so young! It is important to start our kids out with an active lifestyle. I want them to see our love for the outdoors and that exercise can be lots of fun! Myra has even learned a lot about colors and nature on these hikes. We have fun teaching her about different types of plants and animals. It always ends up being a really great time as a family!

Orange flower

Osprey Hiking Carrier

Tonto National Forest

family hiking

Poco Plus Osprey Carrier


We even met a fellow hiker on the way!

Arizona Hiking

Without our Osprey carrier and Baby Bjorn carrier, we would never be able to go on these hikes as a family. And because we live in such a gorgeous area for hiking, we don’t want to wait around until our kids get older!  The Baby Bjorn is meant more for newborns and small babies,so it works for now. However, even though the weight limit goes up to 24 pounds, I would not recommend it for hiking because it starts to cause back discomfort after a while. We are already starting to think about whether or not we will have to get another hiking carrier for when Vivian gets older. For now, we make it work! This particular Osprey carrier was a bit more pricey than some of the other hiking carriers we had found, but the price was worth every penny!

Here are my top 4 reasons why we love our Poco Plus Osprey Carrier!

1. Built in sunshade – This is probably our favorite feature and the reason we didn’t buy the cheaper version. The sunshade is tucked discreetly in the pack and easily pulls out when we need it. It doesn’t get in the way of Myra’s view and it actually does well at keeping the sun off of her! The sunshade definitely sold us on this product!

2. Sufficient Storage – We love all of the space to put snacks, water bottles, and whatever else we may need. Even though the Poco Premium had extra storage with a detachable day pack, it didn’t seem worth the extra money. I usually carry an extra backpack with me so we didn’t find the extra storage necessary. But if that is important to you, then go for it!

3. Simple, sturdy foot base – I usually call it the “kickstand.” Basically, it makes sure the carrier won’t fall over while putting the child in. I didn’t think much about this when we first bought it. Now, I realize how important it is and how much easier it makes everything!

4. Easily adjustable – The straps are easily adjustable so that it can be as comfortable as possible. Ryan uses it most and has never had any discomfort or problems. It also adjusts for torso length which is perfect for tall people like me!

If you have never gotten into hiking, I think you should give it a try! It is a great way to exercise and see some pretty awesome things in nature. We love being able to see different sights and hike up to some pretty incredible views!

Payson Arizona hiking

Payson, Arizona hiking

Payson Arizona

If you are looking into getting a hiking carrier for your child, I most definitely recommend the Poco Plus Osprey! You can’t really go wrong with Osprey products! It would be best to go to an outdoor store and try on a bunch of different carriers first. It helped us make our decision and we have never regretted our choice!

Do you enjoy hiking? Where are your favorite places to hike? If you take kids with you, what hiking carrier would you recommend?