It’s the little things – Morning Giggles


Sometimes, mornings can be hectic and crazy. Sunday mornings are usually that way for us. We live half an hour away from church, so we need every minute to get everyone fed and ready to go. I don’t like having mornings like that, but sometimes it’s just the way it goes.

Those kind of mornings make mornings like today seem extra special.

Vivian usually wakes up around 7 and lays in bed until I come and get her. She didn’t make a peep today, so I went into her room at 7:30, when I finally woke from my deep sleep (I was exhausted!). I peeked in her crib where I saw her lying on her back, sucking on her fingers. She saw me and gave me the biggest smile! I took her back to my bed to feed her. When she was done, I laid her right next to me and caught a little extra rest while she played.

Finally, Myra woke up, knocked on her door, and called “Mommy!” I got her and put her in bed with Vivian and me. Normally, Myra is too excited and completely resists snuggling in my bed. But, today, she laid next to Vivian and chatted with me. I asked her how she slept. She said, “Rest” (which I’m assuming means she feels rested!)

Then the giggles began. Myra said “Poke! Poke!” as she gently poked Vivian’s cheeks, making her laugh. Then she tickled Vivian’s belly, making her laugh even harder! Oh, my heart was so happy to hear those sounds! Myra laughed as Vivian smiled at her. They were having such special interactions as they snuggled and giggled together.

I don’t have any pictures of the actual moment because the memory is much more special. I never want to ruin sweet moments like this with a camera in my kids’ faces. I don’t need a picture of each special thing because I was having such a precious time with my girls…I know that picture will last in my memory. It is so special to me.

But, since the girls kept interacting so sweetly, I snapped a few pictures after breakfast, while they were playing with each other in the living room. It is so cool to see them choosing to play together, even when I’m not around.



Myra just learned how to put her shoes on and off, so now she wears them in the house all day. She likes feeling independent as she practices her new skill!



We played in the rain yesterday and then had a late night. It looks like bath time is a tad over-do! Whoops!



These are the types of mornings that don’t happen every day. But when they do, I cherish every second.