It’s the little things – Ten Dollar Kiddie Pool


This summer, we decided to get one of those little, plastic kiddie pools for our daughters. Considering we live in Arizona and don’t have an outdoor pool nearby, we figured it was a good idea. It turns out these pools are only 10 bucks! For us, it was totally worth it!

Myra was ecstatic when we picked it out in the store. She wouldn’t stop saying “pink pool!” Even after we got home, all she wanted to do was play in it and dream about what it would be like with water inside.

Ryan got it all set up in the backyard and we had a mini pool party. As adults, our expectations were pretty low for this dinky pool. But Myra was so happy! You would have thought she was at a major water park! She kept getting in and out, splashing us, and playing with the pool toys.




The water was a bit chilly for Vivian. She was definitely not a fan. So, she ended up just lounging in the yard. I think she will enjoy it more over time. I also think I may need to let it warm up a bit beforehand. But hey, I got some adorable pictures that I just have to share! Can you believe she is almost 6 months old?






Okay…I told myself not to go crazy with pictures. But I just can’t help myself! She is too cute! Let’s just say these are for the grandparents.






Honestly, I had no idea how awesome this inexpensive purchase would be for our kids. I can imagine those hot days when all we want to do is cool off. This pool is going to be perfect! Even Ryan felt completely cooled down…just by putting his feet in! It definitely won’t take the place of trips to the lake but it will come in handy on days when we can’t get somewhere to go swimming.



This pool is definitely something to keep in mind if you have little ones. It may be cheap and small, but kids sure do enjoy it!  You can even splurge a little and get a pool with more accessories. Most of the other pools are inflatable, which I wouldn’t suggest if you have a dog (our dog likes the pool too!). Plus you have to blow it up! I know I’d rather go the simple route on this one!



The pool toys cost $5 each, which I thought was worth it for a little extra fun! And a water fight!



The afternoon fun we had playing in our “pink pool” reminded me of two things: 1) How kids don’t need all the bells and whistles to be entertained and 2) how I should remember to find enjoyment in the little things…even a ten dollar plastic pool.

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