Keep Your Child’s Suitcase Organized with This Simple Trick

Keep your children's suitcase organized

Wow! I guess this has been the year of traveling for us! We traveled to Devner in March, Pennsylvania in June, Flagstaff in July, California in August, and we just returned from Ohio! I think this is more traveling than we have done in our whole marriage! (That’s 3 ½ years!!!)

I don’t know about you, but I am terrible with living out of a suitcase! It doesn’t matter if it is a week or just 2 days. Somehow, my suitcase becomes a wreck the moment I have to sift through to pick out that first outfit. And now with kids?!? Their perfectly packed piles of clothes become an unfolded clump in minutes. My husband gets frustrated searching for the outfit I specified for him to find and it just ends up being an annoying situation.

Well, that ends now!

I have discovered the perfect way to pack my kids’ suitcase! It is simple to do, helps me to stay organized on trips, and assists my husband in picking out clothes for the girls! The trick? Gallon Ziploc Bags.

Suitcase Organizaion

I have tried this two ways and am already sold on making this an every trip thing! All you have to do is put your kids clothes in Ziploc bags and label them! It makes the suitcase stay organized and takes out all of the decision making. Now, you can just grab a bag, get the kids dressed, and go! So, I want to share with you two ways to make this system work for you!

  1. Packing by child – The first time, I put one pair of clothes in each bag and labeled it with my child’s name (color coordinated too!) Whenever we needed an outfit for Vivian, we just grabbed a bag with her name on it! I even went so far as to label warm clothing options and cool clothing options (considering it was springtime in Colorado). This was especially helpful for my husband (who somehow never seems to remember what shirt goes with what pants) because he just grabbed the specific bag and got the girls dressed! Pretty simple!
  1. Packing by day/occasion – For the trip we just returned from, we were only gone for 4 nights and 5 days (counting travel days) so I decided to pack both girls’ clothing in one bag for each day, since their clothes are still so small. For some days, they needed more than one outfit. So, I labeled the bags by day and occasion. I usually bring a baggy of all of their bows but that ends up meaning more decisions. So, I simply packed a shirt, shorts, and hair accessories for both girls in each bag. It was super easy! I snagged a bag, put their clothes on, bow in hair, and voilà! They were off and running! The only thing I didn’t include in each bag was Myra’s underwear. We put her in pull ups most of the time on trips so I left them out in the suitcase. They were easily accessible when I needed them. Also, I used only one bag for their jammies for the entire trip.

Tips for Packing for trips

Trick for Suitcase Organization

Packing for kids

When we took our 2 ½ week trip to PA, I did not do this. I only packed enough for about a week, so I planned on doing laundry and figured that the bags would be unnecessary. But there is a way to make it work if you wash the clothes and re-bag them. It’s up to you!

Another great part about this trick is that you now have bags for dirty clothes! I have always struggled to find a spot for dirty clothes and couldn’t seem to keep them separate from the clean ones. Now, I just bag them up! It makes it perfect for wet bathing suits or soiled pants (gotta keep the blowouts in their place!).

Organized Packing tips

With this one, simple trick, I was able to pack all of my daughter’s clothes (with room to spare) in one carry-on sized suitcase! We got to save $25 on baggage and didn’t have to deal with the craziness of an unorganized suitcase! It worked very well and I was, surprisingly, organized the entire time! Proof that it works!

Do you have any helpful tips for organized traveling?

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