Lavender Poulette at Elly’s House

Elly's House, PA

After we tried to go to the cupcake café, we were on a constant hunt for cupcakes. This particular day, we were driving around (after failing at the cupcake place yet again) and noticed this lavender door. We weren’t sure what this place was but we noticed the café sign in the front yard, so we decided to check it out.

Purple Door

Elly's House, PA

The place is called Elly’s House. When we first walked in the door, it looked like a simple shop. But as we went further we discovered that it was a children’s boutique, a restaurant/café, and a learning center!

Let’s start with the learning center. They offer all different kinds of classes. Art, handwriting, and movement classes are just a few of the options. They have a little library and place for kids to play, learn, and grow. Myra enjoyed sitting on the floor, playing with wooden toys and looking at books. I thought it was a pretty cool idea to have this in a gorgeous old house! I would have loved learning there as a kid!

Play Room


Art Room



Then there was the café. The menu was a simple, farm-to-table type of menu. If we hadn’t already eaten lunch, we would have loved to stay and eat! Since the theme is lavender, the ladies at Elly’s house are constantly making lavender food and desserts. So, of course we had to try a lavender cookie! And what goes better with a cookie than coffee? I loved the mugs they served our coffee in! It felt like such a dainty experience!














The Lavender Poulette Children’s Boutique was the cutest room! The adorable clothes were high quality and had a European flair. I loved all the fabrics they used to create each piece. There were also some old-fashioned type wooden toys for sale that were fun to look at. It was an adorable little place!

Children's Boutique

Children's Boutique

Children's Boutique

Children's Boutique

Framed Art

Children's Boutique

wooden blocks

So, if you are ever near Forty Fort, Pennsylvania, you should check this place out! Even if you aren’t there for shopping or lavender treats, you ought to check out the beauty of the building! It is simply gorgeous and fun to dream about what it must have been like as someone’s home! Even the girls that worked there were dreaming right along with us! It was a lot of fun.





I could tell that this is just the beginning for this little shop. They are making changes to their menu and trying to further their learning programs to help more and more kids learn and grow!That was one more fun, local stop on our vacation in PA. I really enjoy supporting local places and I’m excited to be able to share it with you!

Are there any cool places you have discovered while driving around?

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  1. I’ve always wondered about this place. Great information and worth a visit! If you are still visiting in Pa. and on your cupcake hunt, I may be able to help. I own a licensed home based cake & cupcake business: Black Dog Bakery by Brianna. I am based out of Swoyersville, Pa. I sell my gourmet flavored and decorated cupcakes through the Hillside Farms Dairy Store in Shavertown. You can not go wrong with a visit to Hillside with the kids. Beautiful grounds, animals to pet & feed, homemade ice cream and lunch specials, and a dairy store that is a great supporter of many local crafters and food vendors such as myself. I would love to hear that you ‘found your cupcake shop’ and hope it will be one of my cupcakes!! Thanks, Brianna Keeler

    1. Aww bummer! We are not in PA still but I’m definitely going to put it on my list for next time!!! Sounds delicious!

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