Local Living: Back to Basics Health Food Market and Juice Bar

Back to Basics - Sweetly Tattered

I absolutely love local shops. I am always looking for a great local deli or restaurant when we travel and I adore places that sell local produce and handmade goods! I believe it is so important to shop locally and support our local sellers. That’s why I love to feature them here! I want you to be aware of the awesome local places where I live so that you can check them out if you are ever in the area. I also want to encourage you to support your own local shops!

Enough about my love of local living spiel. Let me tell you about my favorite local shop—Back to Basics!

Health Food Market Payson AZ

Health Food Market

Back to Basics is a local health food market and juice bar. The atmosphere of the shop is charming and feels like a little general store loaded with local, healthy, and natural products—like handmade soaps, local honey, and freshly ground peanut butter!

Local Honey - Payson, AZ

Back to Basics - Sweetly Tattered

We have always lived in small towns with a major lack of health food stores so, when I find one, I get super excited! I love that this local shop is dedicated to selling the best organic products, including local foods, and encouraging people to have healthy lifestyles! Ryan and I love purchasing local honey so we were thrilled to see all the varieties! We also have been using handmade bar soap for about two years so we are always on the lookout! (Ryan was pretty much in the soap section the whole time!)

Handmade Soap in Payson AZ

Back to Basics - Handmade Soap

Not only do they have the best organic products in the area, they also have the best service! Right from the moment we walk in the door to the moment we leave, there is always someone there to answer our questions and help us find something. This is one of the reasons I adore supporting local shops…the people are always the best!

Healthy Food in Payson AZ

My favorite part of Back to Basics is the juice bar. I had never seen a juice bar before but always thought it would be so cool. And it was! They make fresh-pressed juice right there and incorporate it into the most delicious smoothies! Have you ever been on the hunt for a fresh smoothie? One time, when I was in college, my roommate and I searched all day for a fresh smoothie…not one of those nasty mixtures. We wanted the good stuff! Ya know what, we never found one.

Juice Bar in Payson AZ

Fresh Smoothies in Payson

Ever since, I am constantly on the lookout for a real fruit smoothie. I think that’s why I was so excited about the juice bar! We had the best smoothies! And it felt so good to know that it was made with all organic fruit and fresh juice! SO GOOD! We had tried the fresh pressed juice right before we bought our own juicer. They made it right there in front of us and it was so delicious! Myra loved it too! I love being able to get such a healthy, special treat to give my family the best!

Smoothies at Juice Bar in Payson

This small, quaint shop had everything you could possibly need, all the way from teas to snacky foods to a whole vitamin room. I wish we lived closer to town. I would be stopping in on a weekly basis…maybe to grab a smoothie or just smell the soaps. I have dreamed about opening a health food place someday. I think I found some sweet inspiration!

Payson AZ - Sweetly Tattered

Thank you, Back to Basics, for letting me take pictures of your lovely store! The smoothies were fantastic!

Do you have a health food store that you love? What are some local places you support?

P.S. The Honey Stand and a local antique shop