Looking Back: The Year 2015

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It only just hit me that today is the last day of 2015! What a crazy year it has been for our family! It seems like we have been having lots of crazy years in a row, which makes me wonder what is going to happen in 2016?!? Honestly, I’m excited to find out!

When 2015 began, I decided that I wanted the year off. We had gotten married in 2012, had our first baby in 2013, moved across the country and had our second baby in 2014. I decided, it was time for a break. That didn’t necessarily happen how we thought. But I did get a year off from having babies!!

We began 2015 in Arizona, with winter camps, a little snow, and lots of sunny days. We had followed where God was leading all the way across the country and were content with where we were. It was where God had us! We love being right where God wants us.

Family Pictures - Arizona

In April, I started this special corner of the internet and began calling myself a blogger. I quickly found a love for writing, photography, and sharing bits and pieces of our life. It certainly gave me something creative to do throughout our uneventful winter!  Ryan continued hosting guest groups at the camp and the girls and I tried to catch every winter ray of sun we could.

Finally, summer began. Ryan’s schedule got busier so I decided to take one of my biggest adventures as a mother. I flew alone with my toddler and baby all the way to Pennsylvania. We spent some sweet days with family, going on random, fun adventures!

We finished out the summer with trips to the lake and a big trip to California. We soaked up the sun at Huntington Beach and enjoyed a day at Disneyland. I’m sure our girls won’t remember these times but the memories are so sweet.


By September, we were packing up and moving all over again. We, once again, felt God’s leading to a new ministry. Instead of questioning, complaining, and even fighting it (like my heart may have been wanting), we chose to simply go. I flew alone with my kids once more and Ryan drove across the country with a UHaul and our dog.

Since that crazy time of life, we have been blessed with where we are. So much love has poured out from the people in our church. Ryan has pastored this church now for a few months and I have so enjoyed seeing him grow. He has studied, taught, preached, visited, and served with such a beautiful pastor’s heart.

Myra has called this place home since we moved and still loves her “new house.” We have met new people and have been given opportunities to give, share, serve, and love those around us. Myra and Vivian have been such a huge part of that as they have loved on others right along with us. This is, without a doubt, right where God wants us and there is no place we would rather be.


This year has also been the year of health and fitness! Ryan and I have made huge changes in, not only our bodies, but also our minds. We have grown to love exercise and clean eating. After completing Whole 30 shortly after our move, we ran our first 5K race on Thanksgiving day! It was an accomplishment and a day we will never forget!

Two months ago, I became a Beachbody Coach. At first, I didn’t think much about this new role but I have quickly grown to love what I do! I have been a part of 3 women collectively losing over 30 pounds and am going to be working with around 7 women just this month. I get to encourage and support them in making healthy, fit living a lifestyle! I have also been a huge part in Ryan’s fitness results and have lost some weight myself! I am looking forward to this new year and what that holds for me as a coach. I can’t wait to find out how many people I can impact in 2016!

For Christmas, my parents and 3 of my brothers came to our house. We had such a great time laughing, eating, playing, and watching Christmas movies together. This holiday was very special because it was our first Christmas with extended family! It was so much fun having such a loving, loud, awesome bunch of people in our home for the holiday.


To end this little recap of our year, I can’t help but think about a quote from a print I was given for Christmas. It is so simple: “Belong to where you are.” In this year alone, we have lived in 2 different states. Each home we had felt like home. We quickly grew to love the people in each place and have sought to be a part of our home town.

Since we moved to Port Clinton, Ryan and I have prayed for a love for our city. As I drive through the streets, I pray for a heart for these people to truly come to know my Savior. I don’t want us to just be here for a church. We desire to impact, reach, love, serve, and be a light to the people of Port Clinton. It’s not about just being here. We want to belong to this place, make it our home, and truly love the people where we are.

That’s what I want this year to be about for our family…belonging to where we are and loving those we are with.

So long, 2015!

What are your favorite memories from 2015?

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  1. What a great, adventurous year you have had. God is blessing your commitment to His leading. Looking forward to what’s ahead for you! Love you!

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