A Little Bit of Life Lately: Crazy Cousins


This weekend was an eventful one! Ryan is now officially “installed” as the Lead Pastor at Grace Baptist Church! I had never been to one of these services so I didn’t know what to expect. But it ended up being a sweet time with family, friends, and lots of people that really care about us. It is crazy how much love we feel on days like Sunday. God knew what He was doing when He made it clear that Christians should be together, fellowshipping, and building each other up in love. Read more

The Next Step in my Fitness Journey…Join Me!

Jumping for Joy - Get Fit by Christmas - Sweetly Tattered

So much has been going on in my heart and my life since we have moved! I have been challenged spiritually and physically. I have grown immensely with my relationship with food and have embarked on an incredible, exciting health journey! I can hardly believe how different I am today than just one short month ago. Read more

3 Must Haves for a Fabulous Whole 30

Whole 30 Must Haves

Have you thought about doing a Whole 30? If you are anything like, well, most people, you are probably thinking that there is no possible way you can make it through! I remember thinking, “How can I ever live without cheese?” and don’t even get me started with my thoughts about chocolate!

Honestly, I was scared that I wasn’t going to succeed. Ya know what? There were some really tough days. I had countless moments in the grocery store that I longed for the pop tarts on the shelf or felt completely hungry and deprived during movie night. Even though I was a regular water drinker, I was quickly sick of water…within days of starting Whole 30.

About halfway through my struggle with Whole 30, I found 3 products that changed my entire experience. I solved my need for a break from water and found quick snacks for those special on-the-go occasions. Here are 3 Whole 30 compliant foods for, not just surviving, but absolutely loving your Whole 30! Read more

It’s the Little Things: Autumn Leaves

Throwing Leaves in the Air - Sweetly Tattered - Autumn Leaves

It’s November! Now, where in the world did all that time go?! I love the Autumn season but it seems to fly by way too fast! And this whole daylight savings thing? That is one thing I definitely didn’t miss in Arizona. We are surviving but I still don’t like it!

Life has been very calm and Fall-like lately. The girls and I have spent lots of mornings snuggling on the couch, eating apples from the tree in our front yard, and taking trips to the library for story time. I have a feeling the snuggles on the couch are going to become the norm around here as the weather gets cooler! I’m more than okay with that, of course. Read more

Whole 30 Results: Before and After

Whole 30 Results - Health Journey

We did it! We have officially made it through our very first Whole 30 challenge!

I can hardly express to you how awesome it feels to have accomplished such a big task! I feel energetic, excited, and just plain healthy! Before getting to the good part (I know you are here for the pictures), I want to reminisce a little about my journey through Whole 30. Read more

A Letter to Whole 30 on Our Last Day Together

Alyssa - Whole 30 - Sweetly Tattered

Dear Whole 30,

Well, today is our last day together. The realization of that feels so strange. I never expected to feel this way, but I feel as if I am losing a very dear friend.

At first, I was excited about you. But then you made me feel terrible. I wanted to cheat on you at times and eat chocolate and cheese. But I knew, deep down, that you were the best thing for me. So, I trusted you and followed you. Even on days that I didn’t enjoy what we were eating or struggled to find compliant food on our road trip, I persevered. Read more

How God got a hold of my heart…again

Love Quote - Sweetly Tattered

I have been a bit more quiet this week. We went on a 3 day trip for a pastor’s conference so we were able to stay in a hotel, swim in a pool, and hear some encouraging messages. I really needed that trip. It was good for my soul.

Yesterday was a great day. I woke up before the sun and worked out. It was tough but I love the energy I feel after a morning workout! My day always ends up much more productive! I spent the rest of the morning getting ready, doing a few things around the house, and simply enjoying my sweet daughters. We laughed so much together! Another good thing for my soul!

After eating lunch with my husband, putting the girls in bed for naps, and doing the dishes, I had another much needed, good-for-the-soul moment that I would love to share with you. Read more

It’s the Little Things: Apple Picking

Apple Picking - Sweetly Tattered

We have the cutest, little apple tree in our front yard. Juicy, delicious apples hang from the branches. From the first day we arrived, Myra has been thrilled about her apple tree! Not only is it just her size, but she can also see it out the window when she sits at the dining room table. On a daily basis, she asks if we can see the apples. At first, we went out a few times when snack time rolled around, but then I kind of forgot about it. So today, when Myra announced that she wanted to pick apples, I figured it would be a fun treat for the two of us. We put Vivian down for a nap, put on our coats, grabbed a basket, and went apple picking in our very own front yard. I loved every excited expression as she reached for the apples. She learned quickly which ones were yucky and not good to eat. We even saw a ladybug! Needless to say, it was a sweet, simple time together. Here are some more pictures of our little apple picking adventure. It’s the little things, right? Read more

Local Living: Jason’s Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch - Ohio

Fall is such a special time of year. It’s almost as if the weather and traditions of the season are saying, “Don’t be sad that summer is over. You got me now!” This season surely makes the end of summer seem not so bad after-all. At first, when my Instagram feed started filling up with sweaters and colored leaves, I didn’t feel ready. But now, Autumn is in full swing and I’m looking forward to apple cider, cozy socks, and pumpkins!

Now that Myra is older and starting to enjoy more activities, I figured a pumpkin patch would be fun. I could picture Myra and Vivian ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the pumpkins and having a good time exploring nature. I asked Ryan if he could find a place to go. He googled it and, within the hour, we were headed to Jason’s Pumpkin Patch! Read more