Vivian’s Birth Story

Newborn - Birth Story

When I first started Sweetly Tattered, Vivian was 3 months old and I was looking for a way to let out my creative passions. A few days later, this little space was born. At the time, I saw lots of other bloggers documenting their newborn’s entrance into the world. I so badly wanted to join in, since this had become my online journal of sorts. I decided, instead of some random thoughts about Vivian at a random time, I would share on her birthday.

Well, that didn’t quite happen either. I have been nurturing a needy, sick birthday girl so I’ve been a little detained…and tired. But here I am, still in her birthday week, sharing about this one crazy day (a little over) a year ago when one of the brightest lights, biggest smiles, sweetest hearts entered the world. Read more