This is My Journey

Fitness Journey - Sweetly Tattered

When it comes to sharing about my fitness journey, I find myself feeling embarrassed and, often, ashamed. I see so many women having babies and looking perfectly thin mere weeks later. I feel as if everyone else in the world doesn’t have to diet, exercise, and actually try…just me.

Even though this is simply the way my body works and I am not actually the one woman in the world to experience this (shocker, right?), I find myself feeling embarrassed…embarrassed that I didn’t start trying early enough, that I didn’t reach pre-baby weight until almost a year later, or that I ended up gaining weight after having a baby. Instead of feeling proud of doing something about it, even if it took a little longer than someone else, I find myself feeling ashamed.

But then I realize, this is my journey.  It doesn’t matter how fast she lost weight or how long it took. This is about me. This is my time line. I don’t have to measure up to anyone else or compare statistics. This is my journey. The fact that I am doing something about it, no matter how long it took, is an incredible thing! It is never too late to start making changes. Today is always the best day to start. Read more