Fitness is not a Destination

Fitness is not a destination

The first time I had a lot of weight to lose, after Myra was born, I worked really hard. I worked out 4-6 times a week, denied myself sweets for about 2 months, and counted calories like a crazy lady. Even though this isn’t my favorite way of losing weight, I had a lot to lose! So, I knew I had to get serious. The hard work paid off as I lost around 50 pounds in 2 months.

By the end of those 2 months, I had gotten within 8 pounds of my goal weight and discovered that I was pregnant. I was thankful to have been so successful with losing weight and we were thrilled that another little one was on the way!

The problem, however, was that I had reached my destination…so I was done. Read more

The Next Step in my Fitness Journey…Join Me!

Jumping for Joy - Get Fit by Christmas - Sweetly Tattered

So much has been going on in my heart and my life since we have moved! I have been challenged spiritually and physically. I have grown immensely with my relationship with food and have embarked on an incredible, exciting health journey! I can hardly believe how different I am today than just one short month ago. Read more