The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: TOMS Bags


When Mother’s Day rolls around, my husband is usually stumped at what to get and do for me. I know he wants me to feel extra special but he sometimes can’t figure out what would be just perfect. I think I am a pretty easy person to please. However, I never know what I want so I make it pretty difficult for him.  I tell him I don’t need anything but, of course, that doesn’t stop him!

Well, this Mother’s Day, he got me what I believe is the absolute perfect Mother’s Day gift. It is not only from my favorite company but it also gives back in an incredible way! Wanna know where the perfect gift is found?

The TOMS Bag Collection.

I have talked about TOMS in the past and about the One for One movement. Now, I have another One for One to tell you all about. It is truly amazing!



The TOMS Bag Collection has all sorts of bags for sale including: backpacks, clutches, shoulder bags, travel bags, totes, diaper bags, and wallets. There are lots of awesome designs like Chevron, stripes, and Aztec. Each bag is made from high quality materials that are durable and eye-catching. As always, TOMS doesn’t disappoint! Check out the site to see for yourself!

Ryan gave me the Saffron Ikat Traveler Duffel. I love all of the details on this bag. There is no mistake that it is a TOMS product! The removable strap is handy because I like to be able to throw it over my shoulder. Other times, I like the idea of a hand-held bag.





It is the perfect size to pack a few things for a quick getaway. Ryan actually gave it to me early and surprised me with a night at a hotel in Phoenix. Sadly, I got really sick that night and we had to cancel. But I do plan on using this bag for a trip to the park with the girls sometime soon!

And of course the color is absolutely perfect! You may not know this about me, but I adore mustard yellow! Once upon a time I even painted my dining room mustard yellow! It was my favorite!


Now, you might be wondering how these everyday bags can be the perfect Mother’s Day gift when you can get a cute bag just about anywhere. Well, here is the best part. Remember the One for One movement? TOMS sticks to that tradition with these bags as well!

“TOMS Bags purchases support our Giving Partners in delivering the vital materials and training needed to help provide a safer birth, regardless of the facility.”

Isn’t that incredible? When Ryan gave me my present, I was excited to see such an awesome overnight bag! I had always wanted one! But then, he told me how cool it was that, with this bag, I was helping another mom. I was ecstatic to know that my present was giving some mommy out there a safe birth for her and her baby!


Did you know…

40 MILLION women across the world give birth each year

This is a scary statistic that I do not personally understand. As a mom who has been through labor and delivery twice, I know how important it is to have skilled people delivering my babies! The clean facilities were vital in preventing infection. The trained doctors ensured that my delivery be as safe as possible. Knowing that some woman out there does not have the same opportunity breaks my heart.

But now, through TOMS, I can help do something about it!

I may not be able to go out there on my own to give birthing kits or provide training, but someone is. I am able to support them through purchases I would already be making anyway! Why not purchase through a company that gives to those in need?



“With the training and proper materials to provide a safe delivery, mothers are up to 80% less likely to develop an infection and almost half of newborn deaths can be prevented.”

So, that’s why I believe I have found the perfect Mother’s Day gift. I am thankful that my incredible husband was so thoughtful in how he appreciated me this Mother’s Day. He didn’t just think about me and what material possession I might want. He thought of how he could help others with his purchase.


Through the gift I was given, I was able to give such an important gift to a mommy in need.

Thank you TOMS for making this Mother’s Day extra special for me.