The Sacrifices of a Mother

IMG_3443                                                         Photo by Teresa Mead Photography 

When I found out I was pregnant for the first time, I was overjoyed!

And the sacrifices began…

No more caffeine. No more sushi. No more medicine.

Nine long months of doctor visits, blood tests, morning sickness.

I put all of my pretty shirts away. I bought new jeans that went way past my belly button. I started to feel a lot less cute. I gained weight. My feet swelled. I put my wedding ring away… it no longer fit.

As the months came to an end, I slept very little. I couldn’t seem to get comfortable! When I slept on my back, the acid reflux came up immediately. I went through two bottles of TUMS! I continued to swell and soon discovered I had preeclampsia. I was induced the next day…not exactly what I had planned.

I labored for nine hours before getting an epidural that ended up in a week long spinal headache. I waited for seven more hours. I pushed for an hour and a half. I tore. I bled. I felt pain, but…

When I saw my sweet little girl for the first time, it all melted away. As I held her tiny, soft body against my skin, I seemed to forget the nine months before. The first time she wrapped her little fingers around my one finger, I felt such joy! I was a mommy and nothing else mattered. When I felt pain, she was my pain killer. I would hold her, stare at her, sing softly in her ear. These moments made the pain disappear.

After Myra was born.
After Vivian was born.

I had sacrificed, this is true. But when it was all over and I was holding my prize in my arms, it seemed much less like a sacrifice. It was worth every food I had given up, every pound I had gained, every queasy feeling I had felt.

Mothers make so many sacrifices. We give up sleep so that our crying baby is fed. We give up hot meals so that our child has perfectly cut food. We give up adult TV shows so that our children can watch shows like “Barney” and “Baby Einstein.”

As a mother, however, I can say that these sacrifices are pretty easy. Yes, there are times I long for a good night sleep and reminisce about what naps used to be like. But I am not forced to sacrifice. I choose to because I am so in love with the little one whom I sacrifice for. I so love to hold those little hands and brush that sweet, soft hair. I am a mommy and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

What sacrifices have you made for your kids? What are the moments that make it all worth it?