Vivian’s Birth Story

Newborn - Birth Story

When I first started Sweetly Tattered, Vivian was 3 months old and I was looking for a way to let out my creative passions. A few days later, this little space was born. At the time, I saw lots of other bloggers documenting their newborn’s entrance into the world. I so badly wanted to join in, since this had become my online journal of sorts. I decided, instead of some random thoughts about Vivian at a random time, I would share on her birthday.

Well, that didn’t quite happen either. I have been nurturing a needy, sick birthday girl so I’ve been a little detained…and tired. But here I am, still in her birthday week, sharing about this one crazy day (a little over) a year ago when one of the brightest lights, biggest smiles, sweetest hearts entered the world.

Baby Girl - Sweetly Tattered

It all started 3 days after my due date…

My father-in-law and step-mother-in-law had come to visit us in Arizona on my due date, December 13, hoping Vivian would have arrived by then. We kind of expected her early since Myra had come 9 days early. But, she was pretty content to cook a little longer. So, we showed them around our town and waited.

My doctor was out of town that week so he didn’t think I needed an appointment, for some strange reason. Well, the other doctor thought, with being 3 days overdue, it would probably be a good idea. We all headed into town to find out that the internet and cell service was out throughout all of Northern Arizona. We couldn’t make phone calls. We couldn’t check our emails. We couldn’t even swipe a credit card.

We went to the doctor’s office anyway, even though their systems were down as well. Since my actual doctor wasn’t the best, I was looking forward to meeting with this new doctor. During the appointment, she did a membrane sweep in hopes of speeding up labor and I scheduled an induction for 2 days later. I really wanted this new doctor to deliver Vivian…seriously, my guy was the worst!

We headed to lunch to tell Ryan’s dad and step mom about the plan and to see if they could switch their flights to stay a few days longer. Well, without internet, there was nothing we could do. We just had to hope and wait some more.

After lunch, Ryan wanted to take his dad up the mountain to show him some sights on the rim. We decided it was a good plan and his step mom and I went home to put Myra down for a nap. Right before we drove our separate ways, I rolled down the window and asked Ryan, “What if my water breaks?” (Remember, no cell phones). He kind of shrugged his shoulders, not believing that a 3 day overdue pregnant lady could go into labor, and said “I don’t know. Leave a note.”  

So, off we went.

After getting home, Barb (my step-mom-in-law) went to her cabin to take a nap. I put Myra in bed and decided to take a nap too. I couldn’t sleep. Every feeling I felt in my belly made me think and wonder. Finally, I decided to go to the bathroom. When I got up, my water broke…just a little. I sat down, wondering if this could really be it. My 21st century mind wanted to google it to make sure but I was quickly reminded that I couldn’t use the internet! I stood back up and, whoosh! This was it!

I was thrilled until the reality hit…I can’t call my husband!!!

I got myself put together, left Myra in bed, and headed to Barb’s cabin to ask for a ride to the hospital. I knocked on her door and opened it. She sat up quickly, a little groggy from her nap. I was nervous that she would think I was joking so I slowly tried to sound believable. I said, “Barb…” long pause…”My water broke.”

Now, one thing you need to know about Barb is that she had never delivered a baby or been with someone in labor. She really wanted to be there with me so she was excited, to say the least! She jumped up saying ,”We gotta go! We gotta go! Are you okay? We gotta go!” I tried to calm her and tell her I was fine and that we just needed to find someone to watch Myra while we headed to the hospital.

I sent her to get Ryan’s boss, Lori, to come stay with Myra. Meanwhile, I saw Lori’s husband down the way a bit. So, I yelled to him as calmly as I could saying, “Hey Chris! My water broke and Ryan is on the rim!” He simply said, “Okay” and walked away. I was convinced that he had no clue what I said until he suddenly drove up on his golf cart with a plan (he is a quick thinker and planner). He let me know that he was sending someone up the mountain to find Ryan and his dad, that Lori would come watch Myra, and that I was free to go to the hospital. The calmness of the situation was just too funny!

My bag was already in the car so Barb and I got in and drove to town!

Meanwhile, Ryan and his dad were driving on the windy highway up the mountain when Chris and Lori’s son went flying past, waving his arms, and mouthing, “Your wife!” They all sped down the hill and headed to the hospital!

When we arrived, I got all set up in my room and Barb waited outside to give me some privacy. I remember sitting in the room, all alone (something I hate), and feeling a little lost without Ryan. I kept thinking about a phone call from my mom, 3 days earlier. She had told me that she thought I was in labor and didn’t call her. I assured her, that day, that I would never do that to her! Then, I find myself in this moment, with no phone service, all alone, not able to call my mommy!

Labor and Delivery

Birth Story - Sweetly Tattered - Alyssa Morter

Thankfully, Ryan arrived about 30 minutes later, in plenty of time to have a baby. Ryan’s parents left to watch Myra for us and we said we would figure out how to contact them when the baby arrived. But, it probably wouldn’t be until late at night, as the doctor said. So, we figured we would just be waiting more.

My doctor’s son had a Christmas play at 6:30 that night, so she would come check on me when that was done. Again, we had no way to call her if anything happened, so we all just assumed the best.

After everything calmed down, the contractions started to kick in. This time around, I was more prepared and decided to walk around to get things moving. Ryan and I, the only people in the birthing unit, walked the halls. The pain was unbearable. I really wanted an epidural but read that I should wait until I was a 4. It had barely been 2 hours, so I figured I wasn’t even close.

Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I went to the desk, asked for an epidural, and got back in bed to get things going with that. They checked me and I was a 6. I couldn’t believe it! I waited longer than I had to! This kind of bugged me. I really don’t like being in labor! I tried to hurry them along and they got it in as quickly as possible.

A few moments after the epidural was placed, my body started pushing all on it’s own. It was 6:30, I knew the doctor was at her child’s play without a working cell phone, and my body was pushing! The nurse flipped me to my side and told me to stop pushing. I was yelling, “I can’t!” I couldn’t believe how fast this was going, without a doctor. And I wasn’t too crazy about all that I was feeling!

Finally, there was nothing else we could do to stop me from pushing, so the nurse sent someone to go get the doctor. She flipped me to my back and checked me. I was a 9. She looked in my eyes and told me to push. Three short pushes later, this chubby, perfect baby popped right out. My first words were, “She’s so fat!” (we weren’t expecting that!)

Newborn Girl

Newborn Feet

Newborn Baby Girl - Birth Story

We waited for the doctor to deliver the placenta. I held my sweet Vivian Rose as we waited. She was perfect. Ryan cut the umbilical cord like a champ and we found out that this was only the second baby this nurse had delivered on her own. Wow! I was glad I didn’t know that earlier! She was so flawless and calm. I never would have guessed!

The doctor arrived, a little shocked, since we were all planning on a midnight baby. Vivian had other plans. She arrived at 6:40, less than 4 hours after my water broke. They weighed her and I was right! She was one chunky baby weighing in at 9 pounds 1 ounce!

Dad with baby - Birth story

Big Beard - Dad with Baby

Ryan’s dad and Barb ended up coming back with Myra, so she could meet her little sister for the first time. Myra loved her right away but was a little more interested in the strange place she was in! It was definitely a learning experience for both of us.

New Big Sister - New Baby

New Sister

Meeting Sibling for First Time

This story is pretty special to me because it was so different than my first. During labor, I wanted to be done having kids, but Vivian came so fast and (relatively) easy that I feel like I can do it again. This story is special to Barb, too. I think Vivian and Barb will always have a special bond, considering Barb was there to get Vivian to the right place to come into the world!

Sweetly Tattered

Grandparents with new baby

So, there you have it. I know birth stories can be gross to some and not most people’s favorite. But, this is more for me. I love the days my children came in to the world. On December 16, our lives were changed in such a beautiful way.

Myra became a big sister…the best one ever. She learned to share attention and toys. Her personality has become so nurturing and supportive. When Vivian is crying, she is the first to run over to comfort her. When Vivian starts walking on her own, she is the first to yell out “Viv’s walking! Viv’s walking!” And, oh how my heart melts when I see her pet Vivian’s head and hear the words, “I love you, ligga sistuh!”

Bringing Baby Home

Big Sister with Newborn

New Baby Sister - Sisters - Sweetly Tattered

Ryan and I became the parents of two girls! Ryan’s bond with Myra has grown immensely and he has become such an amazing father to his daughters. He has changed diapers, burped babies, and is a pro at giving 2 kids a bath!

New Baby - Family - Birth Story

I have been shown that I can love with so much love and spread it among 2 very special girls. I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to love Vivian as much as Myra, but that love came naturally. I feared that I would neglect Myra but she has felt so nurtured and cared for as I let her help me with her baby.

Bringing Baby Home Outfit

Wow, a whole year has gone by since that crazy day. I wouldn’t trade a sleepless night, spit-stained shirt, or stinky diaper for anything in the world.

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