Whole 30 Results: Before and After

Whole 30 Results - Health Journey

We did it! We have officially made it through our very first Whole 30 challenge!

I can hardly express to you how awesome it feels to have accomplished such a big task! I feel energetic, excited, and just plain healthy! Before getting to the good part (I know you are here for the pictures), I want to reminisce a little about my journey through Whole 30.

I wrote this on day one:

“I want change…physical appearance and physical health. Throughout our move from Arizona to Ohio, I have dealt with so much stress. I never considered myself a stressed out person, but now I am seeing the major affects it has on my body. I am ready to feel confident in my skin, get rid of sick feelings after I eat, and redefine my relationship with food.”

I was pumped about starting Whole 30. I had gone through ups and downs with losing baby weight and was finally ready to make a change…for good. From the beginning of the summer to the day we started day one, I had gained 8 pounds. The stresses of our move caused severe acne, weight gain, and sick feelings every time I ate. Enough was enough. I was ready for this and sure I would conquer Whole 30 easy peasy.

Day two started out like this:

“My body feels sore, my head and neck hurt, my legs feel weak, and I just want to rest. I feel like I have the flu! Yuck, I guess the junk I was eating really needed to be flushed out! Hopefully tomorrow will be better. But, for now, I’m taking a nap.”

I was miserable. I hadn’t worked out but I felt like I had run a marathon. My legs were sore and I felt achy all over.

When these yucky feelings ended a day or so later, I started feeling on top of the world again. I felt so confident that we would get through this with flying colors and proud that we were even trying! About halfway through, however, this is how I felt:

“Here we are, trying to eat well and follow all the rules, but we can’t seem to find ANYTHING that is Whole 30 approved! I just want some bacon with my breakfast but I literally cannot find any that is not cured in sugar! Argh! Why does it have to be so hard to find good food?!? I am thinking about all of the foods I cannot have. And I have been feeling so hungry lately! Which is weird because, in the beginning, I felt satisfied all of the time! Now, I feel like my stomach is a bottomless pit! I am being diligent with reading my labels but getting let down as I read ingredients that are not approved. I just have to make it through today…”

Wow…vent session or what?! I honestly felt very discouraged and frustrated for a while. It wasn’t until the last 10 days that I really started feeling like we could do this. I finally stopped craving sugar and started having more energy. I actually felt excited when it came to preparing meals and I truly enjoyed everything we ate. I especially loved how creative Ryan and I were getting in the kitchen! It was a blast!

This challenge, that I figured I would have no problems with, ended up being tough. My eyes were finally opened to my love of, not only food, but junk food. I finally recognized the way I had used food to comfort me and satisfy so many unhealthy cravings.

I am so proud to say that Ryan and I completed Whole 30 with no cheats!!! The best part about it is that we are still eating Whole30! We aren’t starting another round, we just love the way we have been eating. So, why stop now?!

Okay, are you ready for the good stuff? Let’s see some before and after, shall we?

Whole 30 Results - Before and After

You can see how miserable I was taking my before pictures!

Whole 30 Results - Weight Loss

Whole 30 Results - Before and After Pictures

Summary of my Whole 30:

Before – Feeling sick after eating. After – Absolutely no sick feelings!

Before – Physically tired, especially when taking care of my kids. After – Full of energy! Now, I can work out for an hour AND have energy for my kids!

Before – Severe breaking out on my face and neck. After – It has not completely cleared up but I have noticed improvement in the last few days.

Before – I craved chocolate/anything sweet all the time. After – No cravings whatsoever! Whenever I feel like I want a sweet treat, I immediately think of fruit. And guess what? It satisfies!

Before – I was gaining weight and was 13 pounds away from pre-baby weight. After – I lost 10 pounds! Only 3 more pounds to go!!!

Ryan has seen a lot of improvements as well. He sleeps tons better and lost 8 pounds! It is amazing what Whole 30 can do!

I am now a believer in the Whole 30 challenge. I truly believe it has changed my life in so many ways. I can’t remember the last time I felt this confident! To be honest, I don’t even know what my eating choices will look like in the near future. My mind has changed on so many things that I’m just not sure if I even want to go back to the way things were. For now, the plan is to continue making healthy food choices and strive for a healthy lifestyle!

Are you thinking about starting your own Whole 30? I would love to answer any questions you have!

P.S. Taking Control of my Healthy with Whole 30 and a letter to Whole 30 on our last day together

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    1. I am not planning on it right now. We have a few trips coming up and with the holidays I feel that it would be too hard to maintain. But I am planning to stick with a paleo diet and then do another Whole 30 in January!

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